Production Year:2016
Running Time : 108 min

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Director, Screenplay, Editor, Executive Producer:OMORI Kenichi


Rina Takeda, Yutaka Kobayashi, Takashi Naito, Nana Okada, Kazuko Yoshiyuki


This youth spectacle and a historical film are created for celebrating the upcoming 400 years anniversary of the conquer of the Uwajima from the Daimyo of the Date family.
Even today, the historical regional strongman still exist in the city of Uwajima. The main character of this film Suzume(雀) brings all kind of drama to the city, the island, and the people by delivering books and novel on a bicycle. All the historical events happen in this film are based on true story. A youthful film brings a touching tale of humanity with the history of the Date Family in Uwajima.

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2016 Hawaii International Film Festival

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